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A review of The Day After Tomorrow

by Allan Folsom

A man sees the person who killed his father many years ago and when he starts chasing him, he sets off a chain of events that could result in a German Fourth Reich.

Reviewed by: Michael J. Griffin
About Michael J. Griffin

The Day After Tomorrow Like many of my other favorite books, this was recommended to me. This time it was by a co-worker at an internship. I was a little wary at first, since he had graduated from Boston College, and I from Boston University, and we had a little rivalry going, mostly centered around our school's hockey teams. Would he stoop to make me waste several hours of my life reading a book that I would hate? Warily, I accepted the book from him.

I needn't have worried. From the first page, where Dr. Paul Osborn, a successful American surgeon, sees the man who killed his father many years ago in a Paris cafe and pursues him, the book hooked me. Osborn tracks him down, but things just get more complicated, with Osborn soon being on the run himself.

The plot thickens even more when Karl Von Holden, an avowed Nazi sympathizer, begins his plan to begin a Fourth Reich.

There are a lot of characters in this book, and I guess even Folsom was losing track of people, so at various times, he'll kill off a whole bunch of them to clear the registers.

While the book shows some "first-author" syndromes with some cliches, Folsom does a great job of keeping the reader's attention, and true to my co-worker's word, the last sentence of the book shocked me.

Folsom, who actually wrote a couple of television scripts before this, wrote the book with a movie in mind. Everything is described in a highly visual way, and as is the custom of almost every thriller, every major character looks good enough to make most Hollywood actors resemble an acne-ridden high school student.

I must say that my co-worker was on the mark when he recommended this book to me. It just irks me that Boston College is doing better than Boston University in hockey this year.

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Copyright © by Michael J. Griffin, 2002

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